The Value of In-Person Recruitment

The Value of In-Person Recruitment

Why in-person recruitment supersedes all other forms of recruitment.

Hi All,

I was inspired by a business visit I had with Vidigami in Vancouver, Canada to share how in-person networking is invaluable. I am sure as an administrator, you are really aware of that too! Sometimes we need a reminder (I know I do!) about how networking and recruiting in person can be the difference between enrollment and no enrollment.

I made a super quick video–Less than 7 minutes. I also give some great examples of how an art school used only in person recruitment to enroll students. Then I share examples of how it has tremendously changed my business.

A note–Even though I have am a huge cheerleader for in-person recruitment, I fully believe in webinars, email marketing, and online ads to nurture leads. And let’s not forget, sometimes we just cannot meet in person so those digital means are super important.

And to finish my Vidigami prompt…I have worked with Vidigami on a webinar and have done other networking with them. I love their product but have only connected by Skype or phone with my connection, Shah. I was visiting Vancouver, Canada this past June and decided a visit was in order. WOW!! What a difference an in-person visit makes. I got a personal tour of some of their tech, I met office staff and chatted with President Mandy Chan. I think we can all agree that in person meetings are what we strive for.

You will take away:

  • Why in person meetings/recruitment should never be passed up. “Inbound marketing” should only be a supplement to in-person recruitment.
  • How in person recruitment creates connections and relationships that supersede any online or phone interactions.
  • Concrete examples of how in-person recruitment has changed my business completely and how I see it aiding schools with enrollment.

Video is only 7 minutes—faster than a bathroom break. Let me know what you think of in-person recruitment too.


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