Must Send Emails Prior to Acceptance Letters

Email Sequence=A series of emails with a “call to action” at the end. 

Call to action means to get your audience to do something.

School Email Sequence “Call to Action” Goal

For Prospective Parents to have your school’s value well known to parents as they consider acceptance letters.

Dates to send emails if acceptance letters go out March 6.

Plan backwards:

Last Email -March 3

Week of Feb 24, Feb 17, Feb 10, Today

How many emails can I send? Check email from yesterday…Poll current parents.

My suggestion is 3 emails…

Email #1 Week of Feb 10

Value Centric Email

Topic-New acquisition like furniture upgrades or how you will be using donor dollars.

*This is not an email to show parents that they will need to be donating*

If you  have garnered funds from an outside organization, I would discuss that.

Email Focus-Show how your school takes care of the students.

Email #2 Week of Feb 17

A Day in the Life of a Teacher

You can have the teacher write the email (you curate it for brevity and audience target!). Have a teacher write a few paragraphs about what it is like for them at the school. 

You could get creative and have them do a 2 minute audio recording that you could upload to Youtube and you share that in the email with an intro. Be sure to pick a teacher that uses enthusiasm when they speak if you do this!

**KEY–you need to edit this just as you would testimony from a student as I explained in my last FB Live.

Email #3. Send out 4-6 days before acceptance letters are mailed

Email topic: Choosing a school that best fits your family’s needs

Few ways to approach this topic

  1. You can write an email, ie 3 tips for choosing the right school for you.

Closing: We are truly honored to be a part of your search process. We hope that Academy HS has been able to address your needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

(Make sure you also offer a way to reach you.)

2 Have current parent craft an email that explains how they chose your school. In actuality, I would interview a parent, write the email and then ask the parent if my email reflected what they said. 

I love this email. You can include compassion about how sometimes decisions like this can be challenging. Choosing the right school is about using the mind and heart. It is an investment and emotional decision together. 

Have the same closing as above.

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