MBA Professor loved this marketing idea

Here is why you need a canvas grouping of your students in your school’s office. Private school marketing is about reminding parents of the value your school offers. I recently got feedback that reinforces why photographs are key to this.

In this photo below is the Director of the MBA program I am enrolled in at Cal State University, Northridge. Her name is Dr. Deb Heisley. I forwarded to her my email about using canvas groupings of students in key places to remind prospective families about the investment they make in your school. I thought it was important since I found a perfect example of a grouping in the same building we take our MBA classes (in case you missed the email, you can view it here Photo grouping sample is below–the one you must create for your office).

Dr. Heisley wrote me back and said the following:

Hi Mia,

I am including Dean Chandra Subramaniam on my response for 2 reasons. The first is to share your wonderful perspective and observation. The second is to impress him with how great our MBA students are!

I am copying Lee (our photographer) and Leyla (our Director of Communications) so we can discuss updating this with our gorgeous new photos and current logo in the Grad Office and maybe elsewhere.


I felt like I was totally cool when I got that response. She even mailed the Dean of the business college. Dr. Heisley loved the idea so much that she was going to get a canvas-photo grouping made for the MBA office.

What’s the point of all of this?

If the Director of the MBA program at CSUN thinks putting up a canvas grouping is a good idea then it’s probably something to listen too. And Dr. Heisley has all the same challenges that we have in private school marketing.

A photo grouping (grouping is 16×20 canvases (approx), 3-5 canvases total grouped together -see photo below) catches people’s attention. It’s larger than just one image hanging on the wall. It tells a story about students and your school. When parents see students smiling, healthy, and happy, they are going to say, “I want my child to have that. I want that a part of their lives.”

I have been selling photography portraits for over 10 years. It is advertising when we put images up on the walls. It reminds us of what is really important.

Get a grouping of photos up on your walls. Place it in the school entry way or a general meeting area in the admissions office. It is a fantastic way to remind current and prospective families of the investment your school offers.

What people are saying…

Mia's presentation style draws her audience in. She moves the needle from something you watch to something with which you engage.
-Julie Clardy, Episcopal School of Dallas


Mia is spot on with how she teaches schools how to use their cell phones to take better photos, utilize video features simply, and transfer those assets to increase school marketing efforts. Schools win because they can maximize the resources they already have.
-Tim McDonough, Finalsite, Director of Client Success


Mia is such an incredible instructor! Not only is she extremely knowledgeable, but she's so personable too. She is wonderful at leading the group environment. This fosters a connection between the group which leads to valuable content and advice being shared throughout the training. It is an absolute pleasure to work with Mia.
-Anna Gustafson, Marketing Specialist
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