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The School Locations Guide will:

  • List locations that are easily found at schools.
  • Give you visuals for great places to shoot with your cell.
  • Get you started with ideas for taking great cell phone photos.
Private School Marketing

What people are saying about Mia…

I really appreciated your presentation at the NWAIS conference on Deepening Parent Engagement. You were very sincere and your experience and what you said has made me think about what we do at Seattle Girls' School.

-Colleen, Seattle Girls' School



Mia, What you do is wonderful and helpful for our schools.

-Kim, Pasadena Christian, Admissions Director



Working with Mia has been a joy! Her enthusiasm engages the students, resulting in some of the best photos we've ever had. Mia's skill and creativity proved to be the right combination for our photography needs, and her work has greatly enhanced our marketing efforts.

-Geoff, Maranatha High School


A selection of schools Mia has worked with...