How Often Can I Email Prospective Parents

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Your prospective families are super important. So it keeping in contact with them in between your Open House and the time you send out acceptance letters. One of the most effective and simplest way to keep in contact with them is through email.

The big question remains…How often can I email them. Firstly, we do not want them to feel like we are sending them too many emails. We also want to remind them of our school’s value. That way when it comes to decision time, our school is at the forefront of their minds.

In this video I share what you can do to get insight into how many times you should email your prospective families.

The basis is in polling your current parents. But you must do this with care-Be mindful of who and how you ask. Make sure you show them examples of what you are currently sending. Do communicate that you are giving value. Poll 5-10 current parents.

Watch the video for more insights. I am so glad that you are looking to connect with families through email!

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