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Mia Johnstone

What people are saying…

I really appreciated your presentation at the NWAIS conference on Deepening Parent Engagement. You were very sincere and your experience and what you said has made me think about what we do at Seattle Girls' School.
-Colleen, Seattle Girls' School


Mia is such an incredible instructor! Not only is she extremely knowledgeable, but she's so personable too. She is wonderful at leading the group environment and making everyone feel at ease to contribute. This helps foster the connection between the group which leads to valuable content and advice being shared throughout the training. It is an absolute pleasure to get to work with Mia. I always look forward to it and each time, walk away with actionable steps.
-Anna Gustafson, Marketing Specialist


Mia's presentation style draws her audience in. She moves the needle from something you watch to something with which you engage.
-Julie Clardy, Episcopal School of Dallas


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